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The Villers-sur-Mer beach

The Villers-sur-Mer beach
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With the Vaches Noires cliffs to the west and a low hill to the east, the beach offers a beautiful contrasting landscape. The effect of the sea swell and waves create ripples that are quite common, mainly at high tides, on a sand rich with shells, appreciated by sailors.

Sea cabins

From May to September, a long white ribbon is drawn across the beach to celebrate the return of sunny days. The beach cabins are part of the landscape and give it a discreet and timeless charm.

Lined up on the waterfront, they are not just a practical shelter, but a sort of living room in which relatives and friends, from generation to generation, gather year after year to chat for long hours, while children play freely.

Walking along dykes

For 150 years, strolling along dykes has been an unmissable relaxing time.

The sea breeze invites you to contemplate the endless sea and the beautiful landscape going from Le Havre to the mouth of the Orne River.

In the evening, a festival of lights coming from the rotating lighthouse of Cap de la Hève and offshore boats offers a romantic and relaxing spectacle.

Three walking itineraries on the dykes are reserved to pedestrians: the western dyke from the nautical centre at the bottom of the cliffs to the aid post, the central dyke from the aid post to the Greenwich meridian, the eastern dyke in front of the Villers 2000 district.

Commune de Villers-sur-mer. Photographie par Quentin Bassetti, 2020.

The Villers-sur-Mer beach is at the centre of the world…

Villers-sur-Mer is the first French city to be crossed by the Greenwich meridian! The walks along the dykes invite you to wander and contemplate the landscape. To the north-east, you can enjoy the view of the La Hève cape and its rotating lighthouse, and to the north-west a magnificent view on the Vaches Noires cliff from the beach.

The seaside resort also pays tribute to the picturesque villas found along the beach. What makes the beach special are the Vaches Noires cliffs, a 4.5-m long and 100-m high geological treasure dating back to the Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods.

If you are not fond of history, the beach also hosts several summer events, including the famous Sable Show festival and sport tournaments all summer long!

Access to the beach

You can access the beach from the avenue de la République that stretches along the beach docks, and also from rue Michel d’Ornano and rue du Général Leclerc. As the last two are quite narrow, we recommend taking avenue de la République instead.

You’ll find parking spots on avenue de la République and in perpendicular streets and also behind the Casino Tranchant, Place du Lieutenant Fernand Fanneau. Paid parking is also available at Place Jean Mermoz, in front of the tourist office.

Other free car parks are found in residential areas, a few blocks from the sea.

Walks with a dog on a leash are permitted on the beach

  • Except from June 15th to September 15th, when dogs are forbidden in the swimming area, in particular from the groyne located in front of the car park of the sailing club (west side) to the end of the swimming area, towards Blonville (east side).
  • However, walks with a dog on a leash are permitted on the whole beach before 9 am and after 8 pm during this period of restriction.

Beach supervision

The beaches of Villers-sur-Mer are supervised from July 1st to September 1st from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm without interruption, and on weekends and festive days from May 1st to July 1st from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm.

  • Aid post of Jean Mermoz beach: +33 (0)2 31 87 01 04
  • Aid post of Jean Moulin beach: +33 (0)2 31 87 52 83
  • Place Mermoz – 14640 Villers-sur-Mer
  • +33 (0)2 31 87 01 18

Recreational fishing

Many of you don’t really know what is permitted and not-permitted when it comes to recreational fishing.

Here are the main elements that will help you learn about recreational fishing on the beach of Villers-sur-Mer.

1/ What are the prohibitions related to fishing?

First of all, recreational fishing on foot is intended for individuals who don’t sell their outcome.

On our beach, recreational fishing of certain types of fish, shells and crustaceans is permitted. However, fishing other species remains forbidden. It is forbidden to fish or collect the following species:

  • “pied de cheval” European flat oyster (large oyster that looks like a horse’s hoof),
  • whelks of more than 70 mm,
  • prawns from March 1st to June 30th included,
  • sardines,
  • eels.

Further restrictions may be put in place by the prefecture, mainly due to health reasons. The Town Hall services receive these decrees and display them on the boards found in rue Osmont du Tillet. You can find these decrees on our website, our Facebook page and any other information support.

2/ What equipment can you fish with?

Suitable equipment is needed.

  • For shells:
    All manual means are permitted.
  • For crustaceans:
    Landing nets with a maximum width of 120 cm, with a mesh of 8 mm x 8 mm and a handle with a maximum length of 150 cm will be perfectly suitable.
  • For fishes, fishing is possible with:
    – Hand-held lines with maximum of 12 hooks
    – Bottom lines with maximum 30 hooks,
    – A set net.

Please note that bottom fishing or with a set net is permitted only outside the period from June 15 to September 15 included!

Set net fishing requires a strict authorization by the Direction Départementale des Territoires et de la Mer (DDTM).

3/ What is the permitted quantity of fish and crustaceans?

For mussels and other shells, the permitted quantity is 5 kg per person and per tide.

For fish and crustaceans, there is no specific quantity, but common sense dictates that one only collects enough for their consumption to avoid waste! The size of fish and crustaceans must comply with the established rules.

To know the established rules regarding the size of fish and crustaceans, here is a link:

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