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The Paléospace, Musée de France, is the outcome of a wonderful project that highlights the heritage of Villers-sur-Mer.

Visit the Paléospace

The dinosaur

Meet the emblem of the seaside resort

About the dinosaur

The Villers-sur-Mer beach

With the Vaches Noires cliffs to the west and a low hill to the east, the beach offers a beautiful contrasting landscape.

Visit the Villers-sur-Mer beach

The Vaches Noires cliffs

These cliffs are more than 100 m-high and stretch for 5 km between Villers-sur-Mer and Houlgate, mainly along the municipalities of Auberville and Gonneville-sur-Mer.

Visit the Vaches Noires

The Pays d’Auge

The Pays d’Auge is a plateau made of chalk spots covered by flinty clay and some silt.

visit the Pays d’auge

Greenwich meridian

Villers-sur-Mer, entry point of the Greenwich meridian in mainland Europe, has the peculiarity to be the only French seaside resort to be found along this meridian.

Visit the greenwich meridian

The Villers-sur-Mer marshes

The marshes, a real place of encounter between the beach and the countryside, represents for birds a site to reproduce, stopover and feed.

Visit the Villers-sur-Mer marshes

The Saint-Martin Church

The Saint-Martin church is typical of the neo-gothic style that blossomed in Normandy in the last quarter of the 19th century.

Visit the Saint-Martin Church

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